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Scott-Macon is a leading independent equipment company in the Southern region of the United States

The company’s operations include the sale, rental, parts sales and servicing of a wide variety of lifting equipment including rough terrain hydraulic cranes, all-terrain cranes, boom trucks, truck cranes, crawler cranes and industrial carrydeck cranes, specialized hydraulic crawler cranes, material handlers, and aerial lifts.

The Demag AC 140, Providing Dependability and Versatility

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Dec 19, '17

As its name suggests, an all-terrain crane is built for use on diverse types of terrain under various weather conditions. Essentially, these cranes are a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. The Terex Demag AC 140 houses many benefits that make this all-terrain crane a superior choice for your next construction project.

The Tadano Mantis 6010 Provides Advanced Telescopic and Crawler Benefits

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Nov 22, '17

Scott-Macon Equipment supplies an array of cranes to enhance a variety of jobsites. The Tadano Mantis 6010 Hydraulic Crawler crane is not only designed for projects needing telescopic reach, but it also supplies the benefits seen in movable crawler cranes. When looking for a crane with precision, flexibility, and versatility the choice is easy. Here are some of the benefits you will find in individual cranes that the Tadano Mantis 6010 encompasses all-in-one.

Broderson's RT 400 Encompasses Versatile Rough Terrain Features

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Nov 20, '17

Rough terrain cranes are invaluable jobsite tools and are used in a variety of applications from refineries and petro-chemical facilities, to general construction sites.

Used Cranes for Sale - The Benefits of Preowned Lifting Equipment

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Nov 7, '17

When fulfilling your lifting, moving, and loading needs selecting the right equipment comes with a variety of considerations. Other than size, capacity, and model, there is also technology requirements necessary to complete the job, temporary or long-term needs, and of course, cost.

Terex Adds New Innovative RT 100 US Crane to its Ensemble

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Oct 17, '17

The new Terex RT 100 US has been designed to ensure versatility thanks to three boom modes and two-part folding jib. This rough terrain has a lifting capacity of 100 t with a maximum boom length of 154 ft.

Helping Scott-Macon Equipment Employees Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Sep 28, '17

Like so many companies in the Houston area, we have a number of employees who have been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Scott-Macon Equipment Donates to J.J. Watt Fundraiser to Aid Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Aug 31, '17

At Scott-Macon Equipment, Houston has always been our home and who we are. We were founded in 1973 here and have grown with the rest of the Houston community. We owe this great community so much.

Introducing the NEW Broderson IC-100-3A with more Capacity and Reach

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Aug 23, '17

Scott-Macon Equipment is pleased to offer the NEW 2017 Broderson IC-100-3A immediately available for sale or rent at the Houston Service Center. It has all of the same features as the ever popular IC-80-3J, except with more capacity and reach.

Terex RT230 is Advancing Rough Terrain Jobsites

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Fri, Aug 4, '17

Terex Rough Terrain cranes allow users to go off the road with confidence. Like most of the Terex Rough Terrain models, the Terex RT230 is equipped with excellent ground clearance and three-mode steering; however, it is complete with several other features that positions this crane in even the most rugged terrains without complications.

The Tadano Mantis 3612 Packs a Big Punch in a Smaller Package

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Jul 10, '17

With tracks similar to those found on tanks, Hydraulic Crawler Cranes contain a flat gripping surface designed to dramatically increase the surface tension at the bottom of the crane. This feature is just one of the reasons that make the Tadano Mantis 3612 one of the most performance proven full-size telescopic boom crawler crane in the industry.

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