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Scott-Macon is a leading independent equipment company in the Southern region of the United States

The company’s operations include the sale, rental, parts sales and servicing of a wide variety of lifting equipment including rough terrain hydraulic cranes, all-terrain cranes, boom trucks, truck cranes, crawler cranes and industrial carrydeck cranes, specialized hydraulic crawler cranes, material handlers, and aerial lifts.

Terex RT 780 - Built for Ease of Use and Productivity

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Jun 6, '16

Choosing the right crane when it comes to reliability, ease of use, and productivity is crucial in ensuring that a job goes smoothly. Among Terex rough terrain cranes, the Terex RT 780 offers several advantages for use over other cranes in its class. Here's how to decide if the Terex RT 780 is the right crane for your job.

Guide to New and Used Cranes - Types of Crane Lifting Equipment

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, May 23, '16

The types and classes of crane lifting equipment are as varied and diverse as the construction trade itself. Each is designed to fit a specific need or a combination of several.  

There are a wide variety of different types, but mobile cranes fit into one of seven categories. While there are characteristics in each class that overlap, the differences between each category of crane lifting equipment are primarily based on size, maneuverability, reach and power output. 


Hydraulic Truck Cranes, a Mobile solution for Multiple Jobsites

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, May 10, '16

Hydraulic truck cranes are a heavy duty solution for jobs that require the lifting and placement of substantial amounts of weight, yet hydraulic truck cranes are legal to drive on public roads and highways. In order to accommodate both the need to utilize tires that meet highway specification and bear the weight of anywhere between 20 and 80 tons per lift, the number of tires on a hydraulic truck crane vary anywhere from between 10 and 20 tires.

​Bauma 2016 Recap - The Latest in Lifting Equipment Solutions

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Apr 21, '16

Scott-Macon Equipment attended Bauma 2016 from April 11-17 in Munich, Germany, the largest trade fair in the world for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

Held every three years, Bauma brings together some of the top names in the industry to drive innovations, success, and a healthy marketplace for industry experts.

The 32nd edition of the world's leading trade fair, Bauma 2016 had a record attendence of close to 600,000 trade visitors from 200 countries. Over 3,423 exhibitors showed their latest products on 150 acres of grounds and reported experiencing higher than expected order activity.

Bob Dimmitt, Senior Managing Director,  was in attendence and even though he has attended the show before, stated that the sheer size of Bauma is hard to comprehend upon arrival.  

Cranes for Rent - When You Should Loan Instead of Own

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Apr 4, '16

With respect to heavy equipment, a crane is one of the largest financial decisions an independent contractor or construction company can make. A crane is also one of the most productive construction and development pieces of equipment in the trades.

Unlike most earth moving equipment, there are not comparable pieces of equipment, which are less expensive, that offer a work-around solution to a crane. A fair portion of what an excavator can do, a backhoe can as well. A frontend loader can accomplish most of what a dozer loader can. But, there is not another piece of equipment with the lift and reach of a crane. 

Still, purchasing a crane is a decision that must be calculated carefully considering the cost. Likewise, renting a crane for too long can also be counter productive. In order to determine whether it is best to rent a crane or own it, contractors and companies must do a cost benefit analysis. The first step in the process is establishing the pros and cons of own versus loan.

Terex Crane for Sale - Buying vs. Renting

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Fri, Mar 11, '16

Making the decision between buying or renting a Terex® Crane depends on two variables: your needs and finances. Given the choice, many contractors and excavators elect to own a crane, while others forego the investment and rent for their needs. With no wrong options, choosing to rent or buy a Terex® crane for sale will deliver equal performance on your demanding work environment.

In some instances, owning a crane is essential to cutting costs and increasing profits. On the other hand, owning a crane and not having sufficient resources to keep it circulating around a jobsite is a waste.

Lift & Move USA Career Fair 2016

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Mar 2, '16

Scott-Macon Equipment recently attended the second annual 2016 Lift & Move USA Career Fair in Houston, an education seminar and career fair aimed at bridging the talent gap between prospective employees and the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries.

Rough Terrain Cranes - A Productive Solution for Tough Jobsites

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Feb 18, '16
A rough terrain crane is the choice of many hardworking industries as it is capable for any jobsite.

Unlike other cranes in its class, a rough terrain crane provides reliable service without compromising on power and security. At Scott-Macon Equipment, we offer rough terrain cranes for rent or sale based on your needs.

Advantages of Rough Terrain Cranes 

A number of design advantages make rough terrain cranes capable of maneuvering over surfaces and around obstacles that limit the movement of rubber-tire truck cranes and track hoe cranes. Rather than three or more axles -- like most rubber-tire truck cranes have, -- rough terrain cranes have two, hyper-sized axles. Both axles have a differential to propel the wheels which means rough terrain cranes are all-wheel drive. Rough terrain cranes also have over-sized tires which are significantly wider and larger in diameter than those found on a typical radial-tire truck crane.

The Terex® RT555 Rough Terrain Crane

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Feb 16, '16

The Terex® RT555 rough terrain crane is the latest Terex® crane built for a wide range of applications across some of the world's toughest industries. The RT555 combines superior operational ease, serviceability, and performance to give industries a reliable rough terrain crane solution.

Whether you're looking for rough terrain cranes for rent or sale, the Terex® RT555 features advanced hydraulics with excellent ease-of-use and productivity.

Scott-Macon Equipment provides a wide selection of Terex® rough terrain cranes for sale. Additionally, we are an Authorized Parts Dealer for Terex® and other rough terrain cranes. 

The Genie Z-60 Articulating Boom Lift for Sale

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Jan 26, '16

The 2015 Genie® Z-60 continues the manufacturer's track record of building articulating boom lifts aimed at giving operators unmatched productivity in various job sites and construction zones. Its built-in versatility features, including zero tailswing, tilt/descent alarms, and 360 degrees continuous turntable rotation, allow for operation in cramped work sites.

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