The Scott-Macon Difference: Crane Service and Repair


What is the Scott-Macon difference? The Scott-Macon difference breaks down into three major components. First, we're totally committed to the finest and most efficient service experience for you. We stand behind your organization with our crane repair and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Second, and just as important, is our experienced and knowledgeable group of service technicians. The average tenure for one of our service techs is more than five years, and many of our mechanical experts boast over 20 years of service. Third, we maintain and staff an extensive network of repair centers from which our maintenance crews are dispatched. When you combine these attributes, they spell "excellence" for your service experience. Let's examine them, one by one:


First, and perhaps most importantly, we are committed to the quickest and most efficient service. If you purchase a crane from us, rent a crane from of us, or have a maintenance agreement, we guarantee satisfaction with our service. We have maintenance trucks and fully-trained crews on call 24 hours a day at each location, and as soon as we get your call, we dispatch them. We offer immediate response time, quick parts acquisition, constant contact, and communication. All this means minimal downtime and maximum profitability for you. Our commitment starts with your purchase or rental of one of our outstanding cranes and runs throughout the entire Scott-Macon experience. 

Crane Maintenance Programs, Knowledgeable and Competent Mechanics

Our Crane Maintenance Programs service your crane at 250, 500 and 1,000 hours. As mentioned above, our knowledgeable and competent technicians are our finest resource and we know it. We maintain this important human resource through continuous training. As new equipment and advanced technology come on line, we make sure our technical staff keeps up with the latest developments. We realize that if you're standing still in today's fast-paced world, you are falling behind. We practice continuous improvement.

An Extensive Network of Repair CentersNew Call-to-action

Scott-Macon maintains a strategic network of repair centers that allows us to dispatch maintenance crews quickly, day or night. In Texas, these include our Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Big Spring, Corpus Christi and San Antonio facilities. In Oklahoma, our Tulsa facility is centrally located. Finally, for service in Louisiana areas, we maintain repair sites at Houma and Baton Rouge. The Houston facility also handles more major complex problems and contains our state-of-the-art painting facility.

The Secret

What's our secret? It's really no secret at all. A 24/7 commitment to excellence, the stability, and experience of our workforce, the continuous training they undergo, and our extensive repair network are the driving forces behind the Scott-Macon difference. Our commitment doesn't stop with the rental or sale; it runs throughout our entire operation. We invite you to experience that difference during your next crane purchase or rental. We've been taking care of our business for over 40 years at Scott-Macon Equipment; we can help you take care of yours. Contact us today for more complete information about crane sales and service.

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