Crane rental vs. purchase checklist

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What must you know before purchasing or renting a crane? Here's the essential checklist of questions to make sure you get this major transaction right.

1. Should you buy or rent a crane?

Is this a one-time use situation or will you need the crane frequently for a number of different jobs? If it's a one-time use situation, you're probably better off renting. But you should weigh future needs carefully. Frequent use, depreciation, other tax considerations, and possible resale value may make purchasing a better option. Storage requirements and transportation are also considerations. You should perform a careful cost/benefit analysis. It's a complex decision that we can help walk you through.

2. Which type of crane is best for your particular job?

That old saying about using the right tool for the job holds true, especially for cranes. There are numerous specialized types of cranes with different load limits, terrain, mobility and reach capabilities. For each particular usage, there's a type of crane that best fulfills it. Having a specific, detailed knowledge of the job requirements is essential. A Scott-Macon Equipment expert can help take it from there.

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3. How much crane do you need? What are your lift requirements?

What is the best and most efficient size crane for the job that you have? It's the size that can do the job properly within the margin of safety.

Load lifts shouldn't be at or near the maximum capacity of your crane. Normal load lifts should be at no more than 80 percent of crane capacity. The necessary reach for the lift is an important factor. The radius or distance of the lift figures into your crane's rated capacity. You must deduct the weight of crane hook block and all rigging, etc. from that usable capacity. There are many hazardous type lifts where you don't want to be at more than 50 percent capacity. In short, you want enough capacity to stay well within your crane's limits.

On the other hand, you don't want to waste fuel, energy, and space on a crane that is larger than needed. The most efficient crane size needs to be carefully assessed.

4. Does the crane manufacturer make safe, durable products? Do they have a good reputation?

The manufacturer should be an established company with a good reputation. Scott-Macon Equipment is an authorized dealer for Tadano, Tadano Mantis, Tadano Demag, Broderson, Kobelco, and more. These are some of the largest and most reputable crane companies in the world.

5. Does the crane have the safety features and technology necessary?

It's important that the crane possesses all the safety features and technology necessary for the type of job you have. Each job is different with unique requirements. Even those knowledgeable in industrial or construction settings sometimes aren't well-versed in every aspect of crane performance.

What is the best solution for you? It's best to get a Scott-Macon Equipment expert involved.

6. Will your dealer on the purchase or rental back up the transaction with service afterwards?

Consider the ability and reputation of the dealer. Maintenance and service are vital to crane life and performance.

Does the dealer have a good reputation? Will they properly maintain and/or service your crane purchase or rental? Do they offer 24/7 emergency service to get you back in operation if you have a problem?

The answer to all of these questions is "yes" at Scott-Macon Equipment. At Scott-Macon Equipment, cranes are our business. In operation since 1973, we have service and parts centers throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma to better service our customers. We're proud authorized dealers of Tadano, Tadano Mantis, Tadano Demag, Broderson, Kobelco, Terex, and more.  We can help you find the best option for your particular job. And after that, we'll ensure proper service and maintenance by our group of highly trained service technicians.

Contact us today for more information on any aspect of crane operation, sales, rentals, or service. We're on the job 24/7 for our customers. At Scott-Macon Equipment, when service matters, we are there.

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