Equipment Spotlight: Tadano GR-1600


Boasting the largest lifting capacity of Tadano's rough terrain cranes, the Tadano GR-1600 can lift up to 160 US tons. When coupled with its innovative, six-section round telescoping boom, its 201.1 feet lifting height and its compact design, the Tadano GR-1600 ushers in a new era of maneuverability and lifting capacities for today's job site. 

What Makes the Tadano GR-1600 Different?

A Mitsubishi 267 horsepower engine provides the Tadano GR-1600 with its power while its four steering modes make the crane easier to navigate around the job site. Its six-section boom has a capacity of 200.1 feet and a 59.1 feet maximum jib capacity. 

Harnessing the power of technology, Tadano's Hello-Net system enables fleet managers and job site foremen to monitor the Tadano GR-1600 crane using a computer or mobile phone. Valuable information such as the current state of the machine and its work history help facilitate the job site decision-making process and can increase productivity. 

Eco-Friendly Features Increase Safety and Protects the Planet

Tadano understands how important being ecologically friendly is on the job site in this increasingly-global world. The Tadano GR-1600's eco mode helps reduce the fuel wastage that can occur when the crane is accelerated too quickly. Also while in eco mode, the crane's noise is minimized to provide an atmosphere where directions can be heard and understood more easily. This helps to prevent potential risks that could occur if conversations are misunderstood. 

The positive control system on the Tadano GR-1600 uses the hydraulic pump more efficiently and limits its discharge. This design helps reduce the crane's carbon monoxide emissions by up to 20 percent. Tadano is leading the heavy lifting industry with the steps it's taking to ensure that its crane's meet future regulations. 

Tadano GR-1600's Cabin Put Everything at the Operator's FingertipsHouston Brochure

Inside the cab, the operator will find a three-way adjustable cloth seat with a high back, armrests and seat belt. A powered door window and tinted shatterproof safety glass provide convenience and safety. The steering wheel also tilts and telescopes for ease of operation. 

The AML provides the operator of the Tadano GR-1600 with the information needed to precisely move and manipulate the crane. For example, one screen displays the status of each section of the boom while another highlights fuel-consuming activities so the operator can avoid them, saving fuel and money. 

Scott-Macon Equipment is the premier company for purchasing, renting and servicing cranes including the Tadano GR-1600. Since 1973, the company has worked closely with its customers to develop heavy lifting solutions that work with their needs. Contact them today to learn more about the difference an experienced and customer-centric heavy lifting company can make on your next job site. 

Scott-Macon Equipment: Authorized Dealer

Scott-Macon Equipment has served the heavy lifting equipment industry for more than 40 years. We handle sales, rentals, and service for the Tadano cranes. We can help you determine whether purchase or rental of the Tadano GR-1600 crane is most practical for your particular business. Founded in 1973, we have service centers throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our rental fleet of cranes is one of the largest in North America, and our reputation has been built on the solid foundation of sales, rental, and service support. We sell, rent, and service heavy lifting equipment of all types, for any need.

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