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Scott-Macon is a leading independent equipment company in the Southern region of the United States

The company’s operations include the sale, rental, parts sales and servicing of a wide variety of lifting equipment including rough terrain hydraulic cranes, all-terrain cranes, boom trucks, truck cranes, crawler cranes and industrial carrydeck cranes, specialized hydraulic crawler cranes, material handlers, and aerial lifts.

Cranes for Rent - When You Should Loan Instead of Own

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Apr 4, '16

With respect to heavy equipment, a crane is one of the largest financial decisions an independent contractor or construction company can make. A crane is also one of the most productive construction and development pieces of equipment in the trades.

Unlike most earth moving equipment, there are not comparable pieces of equipment, which are less expensive, that offer a work-around solution to a crane. A fair portion of what an excavator can do, a backhoe can as well. A frontend loader can accomplish most of what a dozer loader can. But, there is not another piece of equipment with the lift and reach of a crane. 

Still, purchasing a crane is a decision that must be calculated carefully considering the cost. Likewise, renting a crane for too long can also be counter productive. In order to determine whether it is best to rent a crane or own it, contractors and companies must do a cost benefit analysis. The first step in the process is establishing the pros and cons of own versus loan.

The Terex Explorer 5500 - A Compact and Economical Solution

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Oct 1, '15

Introduced in fall 2014, the Explorer 5500 is the newest all-terrain crane in the Terex® Explorer series combining power and roadability for worldwide operations. Offering unmatched versatility and compact size, the Terex® Explorer 5500 is adaptable for road regulations in various key markets.

With a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes (140 US tons), the Terex® Explorer 5500 is built for economic viability and low operating costs. With the ability to travel at highway speeds, this all terrain crane is easily deployable between various job sites while its crane components can be transported using a single standard support vehicle.

Great for rugged terrains and applications where swift transport is necessary, the Terex® Explorer 5500 removes the need for transport trucks and is quickly operational using its automatic counterweight setup system. With best in class logistics, it can be used in a variety of climates and conditions.

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