Equipment Spotlight: Terex T780 Truck Crane

T 780-Terex

Combine a maximum capacity of 80 US tons with the ability to get on the highway or tackle rough terrain with ease and the result is the Terex T780 truck crane. With a 450 horsepower engine and 126-foot maximum boom length, the Terex T780 is a tough and versatile addition to any job site.

Terex T780 Specs

This truck crane has a main boom with a maximum length of 126 feet and a maximum jib length of 57 feet, making it extremely versatile on various job sites. An after-cooled and turbocharged Detroit Diesel 60 series engine powers out up to 435 horsepower for a strong performance that never wavers or weakens. A 100-gallon fuel tank ensures that the Terex T780 doesn't fizzle out in a short time. While it comes standard with a 10-speed manual transmission from Eaton Fuller, it can also be configured with an Alison transmission system.

When it comes to performance features, the truck crane offers an intuitive design that increases productivity.  It was built with high-performance hydraulics consisting of a three-pump system. This enables the crane to experience a combined flow of 131 gallons per minute for simultaneous, smooth and reliable functioning. The outrigger system not only provides much-needed stability, but it does so using a small footprint. This enables the crane to be used in smaller spaces for increased versatility.

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In the Operator's Cabin

The Terex T780 comes with a state-of-the-art operator's cab designed to give drivers quick and easy access to the controls while keeping them comfortable. This spacious cab starts with the deluxe operator's seat, sliding access door and tinted window. The hydraulically-driven heater keeps operators warm on the most frigid job sites while the electro-proportional joysticks allow the operator to precisely move items to exactly where they need to go. A computerized load indicator includes a graphic interface that makes lifting and moving objects safe and secure.

Terex T780 Accessories

In addition to standard features, you can add accessories to increase this truck crane's capabilities. A work light installed on the main boom aids projects that undertaken at night while cab lights provide the same for the operator. There's also the option to have a normally-controlled brake installed or a lattice-type jib and a rope roller device. 

Servicing the Terex T780 Is a Snap 

Terex knows that regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of their cranes so they've built features into the design of the T780 to make it easier. For example, the external slew ring can be easily greased with the grease zerks that are found in the cab. The filters are also easy to access because they are remotely mounted. Standard hydraulic quick disconnects mean that it's easy to install gauges that check the crane's pressure.

Find Your Terex T780 at Scott-Macon Equipment

As an authorized dealer of Terex cranes, Scott-Macon Equipment is the place to buy or rent this highway-safe crane. In addition to our expansive inventory of Terex cranes, Scott-Macon Equipment also provides top-notch customer service that is second to none. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Terex T780 or to get a quote.

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