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Scott-Macon is a leading independent equipment company in the Southern region of the United States

The company’s operations include the sale, rental, parts sales and servicing of a wide variety of lifting equipment including rough terrain hydraulic cranes, all-terrain cranes, boom trucks, truck cranes, crawler cranes and industrial carrydeck cranes, specialized hydraulic crawler cranes, material handlers, and aerial lifts.

Equipment Spotlight: Tadano All terrain Cranes ATF 220G-5

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Oct 18, '18

Standard truck-mounted cranes may work just fine for most construction sites, but uneven terrain and difficult conditions call for a crane that offers more. The Tadano All Terrain Crane ATF 220G-5 is the perfect choice for medium to large scale erection and construction work in areas with limited access. With 5 axles to support a surprising 350-ton maximum lift capacity, there's little chance of this crane moving or sliding even when parked on a steeply sloped area

Crane Spotlight: Tadano ATF 130G-5 All Terrain Cranes

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Oct 10, '18

Using the right tool for any job is vital. We all know that. But a tool that is right for any number of jobs can be a game changer. Versatility directly equates to performance, economy, and efficiency. The Tadano ATF 130G-5 All Terrain Crane offers the perfect combination of mobility and versatility for jobs in rough or any other terrain, especially where transport is a factor. The ATF 130G-5 is equally comfortable at highway speeds or on rugged job sites. The 5-axle setup with 2 Mercedes-Benz engine configuration allows rapid deployment, where needed, in the most economic, efficient manner.

The Demag AC220 offers numerous advantages for job sites

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Fri, Jun 1, '18

The Demag AC220 is the most compact crane in its capacity class, making it extremely versatile and functional. Versatility is built in with 12 forward speeds and 2 backward speeds. The off-road gear can be easily switched on or off.

The Demag AC 140, Providing Dependability and Versatility

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Tue, Dec 19, '17

As its name suggests, an all-terrain crane is built for use on diverse types of terrain under various weather conditions. Essentially, these cranes are a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. The Terex Demag AC 140 houses many benefits that make this all-terrain crane a superior choice for your next construction project.

Tadano ATF 110G-5 Provides Solution to Wide Range of Lifting Challenges

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Jun 28, '17

Designed for a large variety of rugged terrains and made to be highly configurable for diverse types of lifts, All-Terrain Cranes offer a wide range of capacities and configurations to handle many types of assorted jobs. Tadano’s ATF 110G-5 All-Terrain Crane is designed with the most rugged terrains in mind, and will provide versatility and dependability on your particular job site.

Recap: CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 Reveals the Latest in Lifting Equipment

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Mar 27, '17

Scott-Macon Equipment attended CONEXPO-CON/AGG March 7-11, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. Held every three years, this international gathering place for construction industries brought together some of the top name brands exhibiting the latest technologies and innovations in equipment, products and services.

All Terrain Cranes, meeting a wide range of lifting challenges

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Wed, Jan 11, '17

All Terrain Cranes were built to be versatile as they can be brought to various locations and have a much larger lifting capacity, making it so that they can be used on various types of jobs. While these job sites include those that are unfinished and that feature rugged terrain, these kinds of cranes are also highly adaptable.

They can work just as nimbly on job sites that are nearly complete, but that have the need for a stable lifting platform. This versatility and dependability is what makes these All Terrain Cranes some of the most popular ones in the industry.

Job Site Benefits of All Terrain Cranes

All Terrain Cranes have mobility built into their design so they can bring you the lifting capacity you need in order to complete your projects. Whether you need lifting capacity, reach or both, these cranes offer a range of different maximum lifting weights to move loads without issue. They are also equipped with tires that can handle a variety of different topographical elements.

The Terex AC350 All-Terrain Crane - A Big Crane for All Jobsites

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Mon, Nov 9, '15

The Terex® AC350 is an all-terrain crane offering maximum productivity and flexibility. Built to work in the most jobsites, the Terex® AC350 adapts to your changing work environments. It's maximum capacity of 400 tons gives it the power to meet a wide range of lifting needs and functions. Rated as a Terex® big crane for all jobsite possibilities, the AC350 is built for all job possibilities due to its transporability and serviceability.

Terex® AC350 Highlights

In its pursuit to create the best all-terrain cranes, Terex® engineered the AC350 to offer the flexibility modern businesses and workers deserve. Its ease-of-use and roadability allows it to be quickly transported between jobsites. The AC350 is made for heavy-duty work across the most demanding industries.

Much like other Terex® cranes, the AC350 comes with easy maintenance and the best support to save on previous logistics resources. By creating one of the safest working environments, the Terex® AC350 features the necessary elements for crane operators to feel safer while producing more. No other all-terrain crane on the market can match the AC350's combination of safety features without compromising on work production. Among some of the AC350's specifications include:

The Terex Explorer 5500 - A Compact and Economical Solution

Author: Scott-Macon Equipment | Date: Thu, Oct 1, '15

Introduced in fall 2014, the Explorer 5500 is the newest all-terrain crane in the Terex® Explorer series combining power and roadability for worldwide operations. Offering unmatched versatility and compact size, the Terex® Explorer 5500 is adaptable for road regulations in various key markets.

With a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes (140 US tons), the Terex® Explorer 5500 is built for economic viability and low operating costs. With the ability to travel at highway speeds, this all terrain crane is easily deployable between various job sites while its crane components can be transported using a single standard support vehicle.

Great for rugged terrains and applications where swift transport is necessary, the Terex® Explorer 5500 removes the need for transport trucks and is quickly operational using its automatic counterweight setup system. With best in class logistics, it can be used in a variety of climates and conditions.

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