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Equipment Spotlight: Broderson RT400

Date: Tue, Dec 11, '18


The Broderson RT400 is the most powerful crane from this long-standing company. Capable of lifting up to 20 tons, this crane can handle a range of rough terrain found on the job site. A four-section boom sequentially extends and retracts while offering a continuous rotation of 360 degrees. This feature allows the Broderson RT400 to lift heavy loads higher. Whip is reduced as well by this design when the crane is used to move heavy loads. 

Highlights of the Broderson RT400

Powered by a 4.5L Cummins turbo diesel engine, the Broderson RT400 pairs it with a six-speed powershift transmission. This combination allows the crane to move smoothly over rough terrain -- even while carrying a heavy load. Three modes of steering, high-capacity axles suitable for rugged terrain and the addition of four-wheel drive boast the power of the Broderson RT400 so it's able to tackle rough terrain.

The hydraulic system of this crane was designed with longevity and ease of use in mind. It includes a triple hydraulic gear pump that's heavy duty. The control system was created to be easy to use and to allow for the precise handling that's often needed onRT400 today's job sites. 

With a horizontal reach of up to 85 feet and a maximum tip height of 98 feet, the Broderson RT400 makes full use of its sequentially extending and retracing boom. This enables the crane to pick and carry heavy loads higher with the boom in the extended position. The heavy-duty gear pump has a total system capacity of 82 GPM to provide long-lasting performance. Off-road conditions aren't an issue for the Broderson RT400 because it's outfitted with rugged axles that are designed for high capacity use. 

A Cab Tailored to the Operator's Needs

The Broderson RT400 features a redesigned cab canopy and steps that make it easier for the operator to get inside. Once there, the operator will enjoy heating and air conditioning inside the weather-controlled cab. The crane controls are ergonomically placed so they're easy to reach. 

Safety on the job site is extremely important. The rated capacity limiter alerts the operator of the possibility of an overload. Maintaining the crane is easier thanks to the accessibility of the components for the hydraulic equipment and the engine compartment. 

As an authorized dealer for Broderson, as well as other top manufacturers of cranes, Scott-Macon Equipment has been providing top-notch service and the lifting solutions the construction industry needs. Whether you're searching for a new Broderson RT400, you want to rent one for a project or you have one that needs to be serviced, contact Scott-Macon Equipment for the product support and customer service you deserve. 

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Scott-Macon Equipment has served the heavy lifting equipment industry for more than 40 years. We handle sales, rentals, and service for the Broderson cranes. We can help you determine whether purchase or rental of the Broderson RT400 crane is most practical for your particular business. Founded in 1973, we have service centers throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our rental fleet of cranes is one of the largest in North America, and our reputation has been built on the solid foundation of sales, rental, and service support. We sell, rent, and service heavy lifting equipment of all types, for any need.

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