Broderson IC 80: A Versatile and Dependable Industrial Solution


Construction firms and contractors looking for a versatile and dependable crane can end their search with the Broderson IC 80. A deck crane that is designed to pick and carry while delivering years of reliable service, the Broderson IC 80 is available as a dual fuel or diesel engine to suit your needs more effectively.

Broderson IC 80 Specs and Features

The Broderson IC 80 is available in three boom lengths so you can customize it to fit your jobs. With a weight capacity of 18,000 pounds when the outriggers are activated, and 11,700 when picking and carrying, this deck crane provides the versatility you need to complete work of varying types including in confined areas with a very limited amount of room to maneuver.

The IC 80 is 7 feet 6 inches high and 6 feet 6 inches wide. It has a maximum horizontal reach of 40 feet and a sheave height of up to 46 feet. The boom can be rotated in 360 continuous degrees to allow easy access to various areas of the job site without the need to relocate the crane.

An expansive 53 square feet of cargo deck space allows a maximum of 14,000 pounds of capacity as long as the load is centered either between the axles or over them. When maintaining creep speed at or below two miles per hour and when traveling less than 200 feet over a period of 30 minutes, it can carry heavy deck loads. Convenient storage is available via the storage box located on the front of the cargo deck. Easy access to the deck is afforded by the steps located at each corner.

The crane provides easy and smooth operation for the operator. It's designed with a powershift transmission that features four gears in both forward and reverse that provide a range of drawbar pull and speed options. The fully hydraulic system ensures seamless operation with the control box and electronic sensors ensuring that any new modes attached are aligned. Inside the operator's compartment, the controls are designed to allow easy access for the operator from one position.

Broderson cranes dealerBroderson IC 80 for Sale or Rent

Scott Macon Equipment is a leading provider of heavy equipment in the southern United States. Our expansive selection and professional customer service ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. As an authorized Broderson cranes dealer, we carry industrial cranes and rough terrain crane lines. Broderson cranes remain the crane of choice for plant, facility and project site requirements in a wide range of industries. They are designed and built for reliability and accessibility and can be customized with a variety of options to meet the specific needs of the customer. Contact us today to request a quote or to receive more information about a Broderson IC 80 for sale or rent.

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