All Terrain Cranes, meeting a wide range of lifting challenges

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All Terrain Cranes were built to be versatile as they can be brought to various locations and have a much larger lifting capacity, making it so that they can be used on various types of jobs. While these job sites include those that are unfinished and that feature rugged terrain, these kinds of cranes are also highly adaptable.

They can work just as nimbly on job sites that are nearly complete, but that have the need for a stable lifting platform. This versatility and dependability is what makes these All Terrain Cranes some of the most popular ones in the industry.

Job Site Benefits of All Terrain Cranes

All Terrain Cranes have mobility built into their design so they can bring you the lifting capacity you need in order to complete your projects. Whether you need lifting capacity, reach or both, these cranes offer a range of different maximum lifting weights to move loads without issue. They are also equipped with tires that can handle a variety of different topographical elements.

Depending on the particular model you choose, they can often reach speeds of up to 55 MPH. This feature enables the crane to be moved from job site to job site, improving productivity. Their rugged design means they are built to last. In addition, because an All Terrain Crane can move by itself, total cost of ownership could be drastically reduced when compared to other cranes. With All Terrain Cranes, you do not have to worry about transportation costs associated with other types of cranes.

Types of All Terrain Cranes for Sale

Scott Macon Equipment carries the industry's top names in all terrain cranes. These cranes offer a plethora of benefits and features that are designed to increase productivity, protect safety and meet durability expectations. Some examples of equipment options available from Scott-Macon Equipment include the following:

Demag AC250 All Terrain Cranes

The AC250 All Terrain Crane from Demag has a 300 ton lifting capacity. It features the longest main boom in its category with unequalled 262.5 ft. The boom extension is hydraulically offsetable under partial load up to 40 degrees.

For increased maneuverability and driving stability, it has speed-dependent rear axle steering. In addition, it comes with the innovative Demag IC-1 crane control system with touchscreen for operational convenience. 

Demag AC700 All Terrain Cranes

AC700.jpgFor those projects that need a powerful telescoping crane that can still handle road conditions, the Demag AC700 All Terrain Crane delivers. Its extraordinary lifting capabilities are paired with exceptional outriggers for unbeatable stability.

Its 800 ton capacity and 196 maximum boom length are coupled with a powerful Daimler Chrysler engine for superior versatility and stamina.

Scott Macon Equipment has been providing the southern portion of the country with a diverse selection of equipment, including All Terrain Crane sales, since 1973. Contact us for more information about meeting your heavy equipment needs.


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