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Tadano ATF 110G-5 Provides Solution to Wide Range of Lifting Challenges

Date: Wed, Jun 28, '17

Designed for a large variety of rugged terrains and made to be highly configurable for diverse types of lifts, All-Terrain Cranes offer a wide range of capacities and configurations to handle many types of assorted jobs. Tadano’s ATF 110G-5 All-Terrain Crane is designed with the most rugged terrains in mind, and will provide versatility and dependability on your particular job site.

Tadano ATF 110G-5 Benefits

Tadano manufactures All-Terrain Cranes that are ideal for both on and off-road construction and industrial projects. Regardless of the location, temperature or climate, Tadano’s All-Terrain Cranes are just as reliable in bold new development projects as well as in meticulous maintenance operations on general construction, oil and gas, and infrastructure.

Tadano ATF 110GTadano's ATF 110G-5 All-Terrain Crane is no exception. This 121-ton crane has been upgraded with several new and enhanced features such as multiple counterweight configurations and the new AML-F load moment system.

With a max lifting capacity of 120 tons and a max lift height of 287’, the ATF 110G-5 also features FAUN purpose built frames with two-man, full width carrier cabs of composite structure (steel sheet metal and fiberglass), windshield of laminated safety glass with windshield wipers and washers, sliding side windows of hardened safety glass and adjustable seats with safety belts and headrests. Safety devices include electronic load moment device and automatic overload shut-off, hoist limit switch with shut-off, overload warning and load moment gauge. Digital displays show boom angle, boom length, sheave height, working radius and hook load.

Given the wide range of lifting challenges found in today’s demanding job sites, Tadano All-Terrain Cranes offer many options which enable the user to configure the crane for a specific application. In addition to the main boom, these cranes can be equipped with a variety of jib configurations for optimizing the lift and/or reach requirements.

Authorized Dealer of Tadano All Cranes

Scott Macon Equipment has been providing the southern portion of the country with a diverse selection of equipment, including All-Terrain Crane sales, since 1973. As an authorized Tadano dealer, Scott Macon Equipment is the go-to place to turn to when companies need to rent or purchase an All-Terrain crane like the ATF 110G-5. Our expansive selection and professional customer service ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. Contact Scott-Macon Equipment for the best deals on Tadano All-Terrain cranes and other heavy lifting equipment. We'll help you pick the right one for your construction projects.

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