​Terex Boom Trucks - A Highly Tailored Heavy Lifting Solution​


Many job sites simply lack the space and proper support for the cranes usually used, but that doesn't reduce the need for heavy lifting. Picking one of the boom trucks available from Terex allows you to get all your lifting done at any job site that has vehicle access. The relatively small footprint, easy portability, and surprising lifting power all combine to make Terex boom trucks some of the best on the market.

Boom Trucks & Power of Portability

From the powerful Crossover 8000 to the compact BT3870, all of the Terex models are built on strong chassis that feature up to 20 wheels to properly support the boom. With a truck as the base, you can take your heavy lifting down nearly any road to get to your job sites. Terex manufacturers their boom trucks to handle highway speeds so there's no need to go out of your way.

Imagine how well you can stay on schedule when getting your crane to the job site takes nearly no time at all because you've eliminated the need to secure a truck for hauling, travel down side roads to stay off the highways, or stick to very slow speeds due to truck base limitations.

Terex Boom Trucks Providing The Lift You Need

Of course, the most portable crane can't help you on a job site if it doesn't provide enough lifting power. Don't let the truck chassis convince you these booms are only good for light jobs. The Crossover 8000 is the top of the line model that can handle a maximum of 80 tons. That's enough lifting power to handle even the biggest loads at residential and commercial building projects, and it's enough for a majority of the loads needed for an infrastructure project or similar large-scale challenge.

The variety of combinations of truck size, boom length, and lifting power allow you to pick the perfect boom truck.


Terex Boom Truck Dealer

Contact Scott-Macon Equipment for the best deals on Terex boom trucks and other heavy lifting equipment. We'll help you pick the right one for your construction projects.

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