The Terex Explorer 5500 - A Compact and Economical Solution

Introduced in fall 2014, the Explorer 5500 is the newest all-terrain crane in the Terex® Explorer series combining power and roadability for worldwide operations. Offering unmatched versatility and compact size, the Terex® Explorer 5500 is adaptable for road regulations in various key markets.

With a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes (140 US tons), the Terex® Explorer 5500 is built for economic viability and low operating costs. With the ability to travel at highway speeds, this all terrain crane is easily deployable between various job sites while its crane components can be transported using a single standard support vehicle.

Great for rugged terrains and applications where swift transport is necessary, the Terex® Explorer 5500 removes the need for transport trucks and is quickly operational using its automatic counterweight setup system. With best in class logistics, it can be used in a variety of climates and conditions.

Replacing the AC140, the Explorer 5500 is equipped with the new best-in-class 2850mm carrier cab featuring unrivaled safety, ergonomics and visibility for operators. It's superstructural cabs offers ample leg room, ergonomic seats, and maximum comfort to allow crane operators to have the best working environment and focus on the job at hand.

Explorer 5500 Highlights

Able to work in a variety of different climates and conditions, the new Terex® Explorer 5500 offers configurable set-ups for multiple types of jobs. Its swift deployment and easy transportation relieves logistical costs and concerns by being able to hit the road in an instant. As an all terrain crane, the Terex® Explorer 5500 is perfect for jobs requiring constant movement and transportation, and its road and off-road mobility allows it to tackle projects at any job site without worry.

The  Explorer 5500 features easy maintenance to reduce downtime and reliable support if the need arises. Terex® places uncompromising emphasis on a comfortable working environment for crane operators, and the Explorer 5500 is no different. Its ergonomic cabin offers the best in comfort, high-efficiency, and productivity at the all-terrain level. The Terex® 5500 also features its innovative IC-1 Control system providing benefits such as:

  • Intuitive and responsive touch screen
  • Easily-retrievable charts stored in system
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Efficient load and radius inputs
  • Enhanced user interface with 14 stored languages
  • Exceptional working range limiter
  • Advanced wind speed indicator

Terex 5500 - Unmatched Flexibility for All Projects

The Terex® Explorer 5500, along with all Terex® all-terrain cranes, are designed to work in rough terrains and built to work on demanding job sites such as those characteristic of oil and gas, the petrochemical industry, and power generation plants. These all-terrain cranes are also built for projects such as the general construction of road bridges and wind turbine construction. The Terex® Explorer 5500 is easily maneuverable due to its steerable axles in tight quarters and narrow construction sites, making it an ideal choice for city environments and other job sites. Its flexibility for a wide range of projects enables it to work on high-rise, residential, and commercial building projects without compromising on safety and efficiency.

The Terex® Explorer 5500 features an auxiliary crane for tower and crawler crane rigging, providing maximum stability at every corner. Its innovative new one-engine concept allows the Terex® Explorer 5500 to operate with increased efficiency. Some of the benefits of its one-engine concept include:

  • Efficient reduction of engine hours
  • Less operation, maintenance and repair costs with higher release value
  • Better performance for crane operation with innovative load sensitivity
  • Stronger big-carrier engine efficiency compared to smaller superstructure engine with full power and working idle time
  • Stable engine runs in its best duty point of fuel consumption
  • Better savings with no higher fuel consumption in crane working time compared to two-engine concept
  • Robust engines designed for 20,000 working hours
  • Reduced idle time and total working hours with new start/stop button

Scott-Macon Equipment is a distributor of Terex® Explorer All-Terrain Cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 35 US tons to 1,320 US tons. We proudly deliver all-terrain crane solutions offering the latest in comfort, control and productivity

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