The Demag AC 220 and AC 140: Cranes For all Weather


In the crane industry, the all-terrain crane is considered the luxury version of a mobile hydraulic crane. As its name suggests, it's built for use on diverse types of terrain under various weather conditions. Essentially, these cranes are a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane.

The Terex Demag AC 140 and  AC 220 offer many benefits that make these all-terrain cranes a superior choice for your next construction project.

Demag AC 220

The AC 220 is the most compact crane in its capacity class, making it extremely versatile and functional. Versatility is built in with 12 forward speeds and 2 backward speeds. The off-road gear can be easily switched on or off.

It also has a dual-circuit steering system complete with independent rear axle steering. These two features make maneuvering it around jobs sites easy.

Powerful Capabilities

An all-terrain crane, the Demag AC220 is powered by a 500 horsepower Scania DC13 engine. The 132-gallon fuel tank means fewer stops to refuel. Able to travel at a maximum speed of 53 mph, the AC220 is just as robust on the road as it is on the job site.

The maximum length of its main boom is more than 255 ft., making the AC220 the five-axle crane with the longest main boom length. With a 12-ton axle load limit, this Demag crane can still lift and heft more than 245 tons.

Easy to OperateNew Call-to-action

In addition to its versatility and power on various terrains, a construction manager or firm often looks for a crane that's easy to operate. The Demag AC220 was designed with operators in mind. Not only is the cab glass tinted all the way around to reduce the effects of the sun's rays, but Demag included a heater for those jobs that span the winter season. With a turning radius of 39.3 ft. over the cabin and 37.3 ft. when steered with all axles, the AC220 provides enough maneuverability for job sites of any size.

Low Operational Costs

The operational costs of a crane are also an important consideration when a firm is choosing one. The Demag AC220 features an intelligent motor management system that is designed to reduce the costs associated with the crane's operation. Other components that help reduce the costs of operating and maintaining this all-terrain crane include a start-stop function and its single-engine concept.

Demag AC 140

The Demag AC 140 offers superior off-road and rough terrain mobility. 

As the largest, most mobile cranes available, all-terrain cranes combine the mobility of a truck mounted crane and the maneuverability of rough terrain cranes. This makes the Demag AC 140 the perfect tool for remote construction sites with no road access, such as installation of oil and gas pipelines, the erection of wind turbines, lifting of heavy concrete building segments, and other construction and heavy haul applications.

Using a hydraulically powered telescopic boom as the main lifting mechanism, The Demag AC 140 also has the capacity to lift high loads. The durability of this model also makes it ideal for multi-use job sites. Built to withstand all types of weather and strong enough to navigate rough terrain, the Demag AC 140 model is extremely sturdy and resilient.

Since safety is a top concern for any construction project, the Demag AC 140 is designed with safety in mind. These all-terrain cranes are built for safe operations and have excellent visibility, so the operator can clearly view the jobsite. 

Demag Crane Dealer

Scott-Macon Equipment, an authorized dealer of Demag cranes, offers the Demag AC 220 and AC 140 for sale and for rent. Serving the US Gulf Coast, Scott-Macon Equipment provides excellent customer service for those construction companies who find themselves in need of a reliable and powerful crane. Contact us today for more information or to receive a quote.

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