Maintaining Your Crane for Increased Performance and Lifespan

Crane service area performing maintenance and repair.

Regular crane maintenance is vital to keep cranes functioning properly. This can optimize the amount of time the crane is up and running. It can also reduce downtime for costly repairs as well as increase the overall life of the crane. Most importantly, it will help workers stay safe by ensuring that the crane functions correctly.  


Basic Maintenance

Keeping up with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is important to help ensure that your crane does not fail during use. This includes various oil changes along with replacing filters, belts, and other parts that wear out and need replacing regularly. You should always give your crane a daily inspection before use to make sure it’s in good working condition, but proper inspections are important too. Frequent and periodic inspections are crucial to keep cranes running well along with identifying potential issues. Some things to check are fluid levels, load cables, hoses, belts, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, tires, brakes, and safety features. Consult the crane’s operator or service manual for the maintenance schedule you should follow.


It is also important to make sure you use properly trained service technicians to work on the crane. Qualified technicians will have the most expertise to ensure the crane is being serviced correctly. They also have the knowledge to look for things that could possibly fail in the future. Trusting the maintenance and repair of your crane to someone that is not properly trained can lead to downtime or safety issues when the crane does not perform correctly or breaks down.


Regular Cleaning and Lubrication

Due to the nature of how and where cranes are used, it is really important to keep them clean. Constant dirt and grime buildup can become an issue when it starts to wear out or damage parts of the crane. In particular, take care of any important areas of the crane that are exposed, which are prone to getting dirty or becoming rusted.


Lubrication cannot be overstated in its importance. Like any piece of equipment, the lubrication schedule must be kept up to ensure smooth operation and keep parts from wearing out or breaking down. Keeping your crane properly lubricated also saves on the cost of having to replace or repair parts as often.


Ways to Extend Crane Lifespan

Don’t ignore that warning light! Take care of small issues before they become big ones. Also be sure to repair or replace worn parts before they fail so the crane functions effectively. This keeps larger issues from coming up that can cause major problems with the crane, which could cost even more to fix or even become a safety issue.


When you do replace parts on the crane, be sure to use OEM parts. This will ensure that the part is designed to factory specifications and will fit correctly. There is less likelihood of undue wear-and-tear when the part performs as it should, unlike some aftermarket parts. Sourcing the correct parts will also increase the operational life of the crane.


Proper Operation

Many people think that cranes are indestructible, which of course is not true. Operating cranes in a qualitative manner and not handling them in a rough manner will have a big impact over the life of the crane. A big part of that is having well qualified operators handling the crane. Inexperienced and unqualified operators may use a crane improperly that can wear it out quicker or they may use it for jobs the crane was not intended for, which can cause damage. An experienced operator could also identify issues with the crane before they become bigger, more expensive problems.



Proper maintenance and use of your crane can serve as an investment as it increases the lifespan of the crane and may keep you from having to purchase a new crane as often. A well-maintained, reliable crane on your job site is an invaluable tool, versus one that could lead to costly downtime or become a potential safety hazard.


Scott-Macon Equipment provides consistent maintenance for our cranes and can service your crane through any of our seven locations. We provide 24/7 support backed by our experienced technicians when you buy or rent one of our cranes. Our customers can also get set up with one of our maintenance plans to help ensure they get the most out of their crane.

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