How Does Summer Heat Affect Crane Safety - and What Can You Do?

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While ice on equipment and frozen hoses can make conditions hazardous, they aren't the only weather conditions you need to consider for crane safety and operation. Summer heat presents unique challenges to address to ensure that you meet deadlines and keep your crew and cranes safe.

Store Cranes Out of the Sun

Store your cranes out of the sun when they aren't being used. Not only can this help reduce the temperature of the equipment itself, but it can also prevent damage to the seat and other parts from the sun's powerful rays and the heat.

While the ideal situation is to keep the crane in a storage building or under a carport, some job sites might not be conducive to that arrangement. In that case, covering the crane with tarps provides a passable alternative for crane safety.

Make Daily Inspections

The condition of crane parts such as hoses, wires and reservoirs can change daily, which underscores the necessity of inspections each day before operations begin. In addition to looking for signs of wear, it's important that the levels of coolant, hydraulic fluid and other necessary substances are checked and topped off as needed.

Before using a crane for the day, operators need to thoroughly inspect radiators and other elements to make sure that they aren't blocked by any debris. Check the inlets and outlets of the crane to ensure that there isn't a build-up that can reduce the coolers' airflow.

Match the Crane to the Job

An essential part of crane safety is accident prevention. Ensure that the crane you work with has a high ambient cooling option, which means that it's designed to handle extreme heat. Different crane manufacturers provide cooling packages for their equipment. If extremely hot weather is part of your typical work day, make sure your crane is equipped to handle the extra stress the temperature will exert.

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If the heat creates an issue for your equipment, Scott-Macon Equipment can help. We service cranes and equipment out in the field, plus at of our Service Centers in Houston, Houma, Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Corpus Christi and Dallas. Our technicians offer services ranging from routine maintenance to accident repairs to reconditioning.

Our Parts Department can arrange for overnight delivery and special orders to be drop-shipped to the location of your equipment. We also offer a large inventory of parts for online ordering.

At Scott-Macon Equipment, we've been helping our customers find the right heavy equipment, including cranes, for their needs since 1973. Whether you need help choosing a suitable crane for your working conditions this summer or you already know what you're looking for, our friendly team can help. Contact us to discuss your crane and equipment needs. 

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Severe Weather Considerations for Crane Safety
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