How Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Uses Have Evolved

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The evolution of the lattice boom crawler crane continues.

Long heralded as the crane of choice for energy projects and large-scale construction works, the lattice boom crawler crane is a heavy-duty machine that can move prodigious weights. Crawler cranes are usually kept on site for extended periods, given their enormous size. Yet these are famously stable machines. Their full mass is balanced over a tracked platform, which allows them to handle jobs on a great variety of ground surfaces — even on soft terrain.

They're also adaptable. Most are designed with multifunction jibs that augment the crane’s lift reach and mobility.

But that's not all. The sectors depending on these cranes are changing quickly. Energy goals and policies as well as construction sites and needs are all evolving. The changes are testing the ability of heavy machinery to adapt, and the lattice boom crawler crane is rising to the new occasions.

Infrastructure, Energy Drive Demand for Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

The energy sectors, along with the construction and maintenance of major public facilities, bridges and other infrastructure projects, are keeping the demand for crawler cranes steady. Renewable energy projects are raising the game for these powerful cranes, which play indispensable roles in installation and decommissioning of wind turbines.

At the same time, the need for crawler cranes in energy applications will drive market growth for the larger machines, which allow for more clearance for the jib or boom.

Global Market Insights has researched the coming demand as Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian markets augment their infrastructure development. All told, the market for crawler cranes is on track to top $3 billion by 2024. South American demand will also be strong, in light of projected spending on transit and energy. Other non-residential infrastructure needs include renovations for emergency service sites, the installation of street lights and event setups for major commercial and music events and festivals.

Some companies opt to rent crawler cranes at a lower price than buying. For new and older models, crane maintenance and reconfiguration is also finding brisk demand.

Advancements in Crane Tech

Crane makers are going high tech. Today's new models feature easier self-assembly, user-friendly controls and in-cab information display panels.

Flexibility matters too, and the big cranes are becoming easier to use on small sites. The Demag CC 3800-1, for example, features a Split Tray Superlift system, which adapts the large crane to a narrow construction area.

Crawler crane makers are embracing telematics as well. Telematics are the systems that generate work reports, supporting appropriate maintenance. Predicting total uptime is as critical as extending the working life of a crane. With proper maintenance, lattice boom cranes are a decades-long investment that model impressive performance every working day.

Consider the benefits of the Remote Observation Satellite System (KCross), now a standard feature throughout the Kobelco’s G-2 series. KCross offers remote machine monitoring straight from a user’s desktop. Daily reports show the crane’s hours in use, fuel consumed, idle time, winch use, travel time and other key details.

Kobelco's CK2750G-2 model not only features a new engine designed to meet Tier IV of the EPA Final standards. It also sports innovative G-modes — energy saving settings that cut fuel use up to 30%. The G-mode assist includes an automatic idle stop, a fuel-efficient winch control and engine RPM limits.

A Case Study: Wind Farm

In 2017, wind turbine installation was underway off Scotland's Caithness Coast, at one of the world's deepest wind farms. The £2.6 billion Beatrice project aims to power some 450,000 homes.

Jacket structures on the North Sea floor are the foundation to anchor the massive turbines. These need to be transported from the manufacturer to the sea, brought into vertical positions, then placed on special vessels for final positioning.

The Sarens company deployed trusted Demag crane equipment — including the CC 2800-1 and 8800-1 crawler cranes — to move and position 26 jackets in 2017-2018. The precision, capacities and overall performance of the Demag cranes received high praise for positioning the offshore jackets quickly and efficiently.

The Demag CC 8800-1 was outfitted with a capacity boost, thanks to the Demag Boom Booster Kit, to bolster the crane's performance up to 90% at steep boom settings. The Boom Booster’s adapters flare out to widen the standard boom reach three times over, buttressing the crane's structural integrity. The project manager deployed five interior boom segments, adding 72 meters in radius for power enhancement. The team also added Superlift ballast to augment load capacity. This is just one high-profile (and exciting) example of the lattice boom crawler crane uses and the adaptability and strength of the Demag line.

Outstanding Features, Long-Term Performance

Scott-Macon Equipment's mission is to supply cost-efficient, high-performance crawler cranes with excellent load capacities. See our catalog for the list of available models. We also offer excellent used lattice boom crawler crane models and have cranes available for rent. In fact, we hold one of the largest rental crane inventories in North America.

We stock Terex (Demag) and Kobelco crawler cranes for sale:

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  • Kobelco is known for its smart features — like the LMI touch screen in its G-2 line. Kobelco lattice boom crawler cranes offer outstanding reliability to lift your profit.

From the sea to the city, carrying the heaviest of loads in any kind of weather conditions, our crawler cranes do their work with precision and reliability. They also have a range of options to adapt them for the task at hand.

If you're ready to look at a lattice boom crawler crane for sale or rent in our inventory, Scott-Macon Equipment is ready to serve you. We're glad to discuss the features, torque and lifting capacity in any of our lattice boom crawler cranes. We also offer support through our parts and service sites in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Contact us to speak with our experts about the model or service that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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