What to Know About Winter Crane Safety

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Cold weather construction and projects have their challenges. The use of cranes in cold weather calls for special precautions largely because of the impact of very cold temperatures on the structural integrity and performance of steel.

When the weather is chilly enough, steel takes on a dangerous brittleness. When it does, the capacity of steel crane and hoist equipment can be reduced. What can you do to ensure optimum efficiency, safety and dependability throughout the course of the project?

In extreme temperatures, a project must have equipment that's up to the task and compliant with industry-wide overhead crane safety standards.

Cold Temperatures Affect Crane Operations. Prepare and Be Safe. Avert Accidents.

We can help you select machinery with corrosion-resistant hardware that will stand up to severe weather conditions.

Having and maintaining the right equipment for the job means:

  • Machinery has insulated, severe-duty motors, with sealed bearings and motor strip heaters.
  • All components are up to the necessary ratings including brakes, electrical enclosures, lines and switches.
  • The grades of the oils and fluids are correctly selected.
  • Every component that needs sealing and corrosion resistance has the reinforcement it needs.
  • Job preparation includes having auxiliary power as well as insulated covers and heaters for tanks.
  • Hoist equipment meets the standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers applicable to cold-weather operations.

It's also important for overhead crane safety to be prepared and to shut down if winds approach dangerous speeds.

Snow, Ice and Extreme Cold Present Heightened Risks for Crane Operations.

Note that severe cold can weaken hydraulic crane systems. In subzero temperatures, you will need to de-rate a crane’s hydraulics and load capacity.

Several other best practices in cold weather:

  • Protect the crane from accumulating snow or ice.
  • Use an enclosed track system for protection against snow or ice.
  • Have a crane outfitted with a cold weather package.
  • Know your machinery's limits and apply every precaution.

We Provide Excellent Machinery and Service for Cold-Weather Projects.

Scott-Macon Equipment can prepare you for severe winter jobs with the 2019 Tadano Mantis GTC-500 Hydraulic Crawler. The U.S.-based crawler crane maker Tadano Mantis has raised expectations with its GTC-500, the newest addition to its range of telescopic boom cranes. The GTC-500 has the power to lift 50 tons at a 10-foot radius. This one-truck crane is remarkably simple to transport. Weighing under 103,000 pounds, it is designed to qualify as a standard truck load. If necessary, it comes with a cold weather package to handle temperatures from as low as -40 °F. 

This is just one example of a machine that will get a project done on time, safely, in the harshest of cold snaps. Talk with us about other machinery ready for severe weather duty.

At Scott-Macon Equipment, We're Ready to Support Your Projects in All Seasons.

Are you anticipating cold-weather projects? Whether you are looking to buy, rent or weatherize equipment you already have, Scott-Macon Equipment is ready to advise and partner with you. We're happy to discuss preparation and use of any crane in our inventory.

At Scott-Macon Equipment our mission is simple. We supply outstanding safety and reliability in cranes and to ensure you have the components that work with optimal safety and efficiency, no matter the conditions and demands of your project. Choose from an excellent stock of leading-edge models for sale. Scott-Macon Equipment also maintains one of the largest selections of rental cranes anywhere on the continent.

Contact us to speak with a Scott-Macon Equipment technician about overhead crane safety and delivering excellence — in any weather.

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