What a Tadano Mantis crane can do for your project


The old adage "use the right tool for the job" holds true no matter what tool you're using, from a simple screwdriver to the largest, most versatile cranes manufactured today. 

If you need a versatile and innovative crane for your job, a Tadano Mantis crane is the perfect fit. 

Tadano Mantis Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

The distinctive feature on hydraulic crawler cranes are the crawlers they travel on, like those used by tanks. They allow the cranes flexibility and help the crane operate well in wet or swampy environments. 

The crawler beams can be extended from 12 to 19 feet. The GTC-1200 telescopic 5-stage boom gives a lift capacity of 130 tons. It can be extended up to 155 feet, or up to 269 feet with the jib. The tracks give the GTC series the ability to not only pick up a load but to "walk with it" or move it, as well. This unique ability has almost limitless applications in a large number of industries and settings. 

The hydraulic tracks are only one of many unique features. At the factory, the GTC 1200 New Call-to-actiondisassembles itself for shipping with minimal supervision. At the destination, the Tadano Mantis crane reassembles in the same manner. The crane also has the invaluable feature of remote operation. This ability to operate from a distance, without an operator in the cab, is an indispensable safety feature in many hazardous industrial settings.

Tadano Mantis 15010 Features

Like all Tadano Mantis cranes, the 15010 is designed to handle heavy-duty loads safely and economically. As a workhorse on construction sites, this crawler crane can move when fully loaded and is also ideal for erecting large cranes. The 15010 features short setup times and and is highly flexible in use. These crawler cranes can be quickly relocated to the job site and are immediately ready for operation again.

The 15010 is designed from the ground up as a telescopic boom crawler crane. It employs much less counterweight than other varieties of cranes to avoid rearward stability problems on sloping ground. It has an impressive grade-ability of up to 68 percent, thanks to its 260 hp Cummins engine and high-pressure hydraulics.

The extraordinary stability of the Tadano Mantis 15010 is demonstrated by its 77 ton load chart with tracks extended and 50 ton load at a full 360 degrees with its tracks retracted to an overall width of only 12 feet 6 inches.

Other Tadano Mantis 15010 benefits include:

  • Superior stability
  • Lighter lattice structure/boom weight
  • Better load-to-radius ratio

Tadano Mantis 6010 

The Tadano Mantis 6010 hydraulic crawler crane is not only designed for projects needing telescopic reach, but it also supplies the benefits seen in movable crawler cranes. Telescopic cranes work on a boom and jib system. The boom is made up of many tubes fitted inside one another that can be extended through hydraulics. Most telescopic cranes feature a jib, or superstructure, at the top which enables the telescopic crane to work as a tower crane.

Telescopic cranes offer a speedy set up, making them perfect for emergency or rescue jobs. Another perk of telescopic cranes is their precision. They can place heavy loads with precision while being easily maneuverable and reaching extreme heights.

Meanwhile, crawlers have fantastic off-road capabilities and portability. Their tank-like tracks allow them to move with ease over rugged or uneven surfaces, and their functionality can be trusted, even during rainy season. 

The versatile Tadano Mantis 6010 hydraulic crawler crane adapts the best of both worlds, working as a true 30-ton lift crane. Out-lifting many 30-ton class machines, it still shares the super-compact dimensions of its smaller sister, the Mantis 3612. Further, the unit provides a low center of gravity and a wide stance to make jobs where extra lifting capacity and reach are needed simpler. With the ability to walk with full boom and jib deployed and a Cummins QSB174 diesel engine, the machine cycles with ease and it's easy to operate with simple maneuvering.

Tadano Mantis 10010MX Specs and Features

The 10010MX is equipped with a 111-foot, four-section full power telescopic boom. Its exceptional stability with tracks extended allows it to make lifts with the main boom fully telescoped and laid-out horizontally. It showcases its strength with the ability to lift 35,000 pounds at a 25 foot radius on the fully elevated and telescoped main boom.

  • Maximum Capacity: 50 tons
  • Maximum Boom Length (feet): 111
  • Minimum Boom Length (feet): 38
  • Maximum Jib Length (feet): 162
  • Minimum Jib Length (feet): 142
  • Engine: Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 3
  • Number of Hoists: 2 

With its combination of size and power, the Tadano Mantis 10010MX features an exceptionally low center of gravity with an overhead clearance height of just 10 feet. Much like other Tadano Mantis cranes, the 10010MX does not depend on massive counterweighting for its strength due to liability issues.

  • Boom mounted hydraulic auger package
  • Crane mounted hydraulic tool circuit with 50′ retractable hose reel
  • Pole claw with hydraulic grab and tilt – includes boom tip tool circuit
  • WP-750 work platform mounts to boom tip or 30′ lattice boom extension
  • Controlled free fall winches
  • Radio remote control
  • Cab Mounted FOPS
  • Clamp-on polyurethane track pads to suit any ground surface

Tadano Mantis 3612 Features

Like most hydraulic crawlers, the Tadano Mantis 3612 runs efficiently on tricky job sites with mud or dust. Rated at 18-tons capacity with a wide 12 foot radius, it's the smallest model in the Mantis crane range. Its smaller size doesn’t deter from its power and has added agility that isn’t found in other larger models. The counterweight can be removed as well to further reduce ground bearing pressure, even with the boom partially telescoped. This crane has been put into service over the past 30 years and continues daily to meet the most severe of customer demands. 

Tadano Mantis Crane Dealer

Scott-Macon Equipment handles sales, rentals, and service for Tadano Mantis cranes. We can help you determine whether purchase or Tadano Mantis crane rental is the most effective for your particular situation. We have service centers throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Our rental fleet of cranes is one of the largest in North America, and our reputation has been built on the solid foundation of sales, rental, and service support. 

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