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Terex RT 100US provides reliability and value

Date: Mon, Jun 11, '18

RT100Construction firms -- and the managers tasked with making their purchases -- have a laundry list of requirements that the rough terrain cranes they buy must meet. In addition to being powerful and versatile, a rough terrain crane needs to be reliable and offer the company a good value. The Terex RT 100US does an exceptional job of meeting the above standards and more.

RT 100US off road and power capabilities

With the Terex RT 100US, situations that require your rough terrain crane to be taken off the road are met with powerful enthusiasm. Powered by a six-cylinder diesel Cummins engine that churns out 262 horsepower, the Terex RT 100US provides a class-leading 100-ton maximum lifting capacity. Its four-speed power shift transmission is perfectly paired to a four-wheel drive system that provides the power and speed needed to travel in nearly any type of job site. Not only does this tough crane meet the needs of construction firms for lift and place projects, its 174-foot dual mode telescoping system gives it the versatility to unload and place equipment, assist in the construction of bridges, erect steel components and more.

Safety and portability features

Both maneuverability and safety are built right into the design of the Terex RT 100US rough terrain crane. The high-strength outriggers can be positioned independently of one another to allow for easy leveling and the maximum in stability. A three-mode steering system provides the New Call-to-actionflexibility to position the Terex RT 100US rough terrain crane exactly where it is needed on the job site. The in-cab electronic monitoring system allows the operator to electronically monitor a work area defined by the customer, as well as the required load parameters to ensure the maximum in productivity, power, safety and maneuverability.

Operator-friendly benefits

During the making of the Terex RT 100US rough terrain crane, options for the operator weren't added in as an afterthought. Instead, items like a climatized cab with air conditioning and a non-ignition source heater, a radio with a CD player and seat belts were built right into the crane's design. The fully-adjustable seat rests on shockproof suspensions and is equipped with tiltable armrests. The integrated hand controls in the form of electro-proportional joysticks allow for ease of operation.

It's obvious the cab was also designed to improve safety and visibility. A sliding door offers quick and easy access to the cab while the upper windows can be opened. The front and upper windows are also equipped with windscreen wipers.

Terex crane dealer

The next time your job site needs a rough terrain crane, contact Scott Macon Equipment. We provide Terex rough terrain cranes like the Terex RT 100US for rent to meet all your heavy lifting requirements.

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