Hydraulic Truck Cranes, a Mobile solution for Multiple Jobsites

Hydraulic truck cranes are a heavy duty solution for jobs that require the lifting and placement of substantial amounts of weight, yet hydraulic truck cranes are legal to drive on public roads and highways. In order to accommodate both the need to utilize tires that meet highway specification and bear the weight of anywhere between 20 and 80 tons per lift, the number of tires on a hydraulic truck crane vary anywhere from between 10 and 20 tires.

Hydraulic truck cranes typically have two cabs, one for driving on the highway and moving the crane around the jobsite and the other for operating the boom and the cable. The length on a hydraulic truck crane varies anywhere from less than 30 feet to more than 60. A staple of hydraulic truck cranes, outriggers vary in number anywhere from four to eight. While a hydraulic truck is rubber wheeled, the outriggers make it as stable as a tracked crane. 

Hydraulic Truck Cranes on the Jobsite 

The wheels on hydraulic truck cranes are not oversized like those on all terrain and rough terrain cranes. While the tires are often larger than those found on a semi or dump truck, they are still suited for highway travel. As such, hydraulic truck cranes are appropriate on jobsites that have some semblance of a road structure and relatively level ground. While hydraulic truck cranes are not suited for heavily angled or soft jobsites, when a crane is required to travel quickly over long distances without a big production -- yet the work is heavy, -- a hydraulic truck crane is ideal. 

Hydraulic Truck Cranes Benefits

While hydraulic truck cranes are not as manuverable as those with all wheel steering or tracks nor as capable on rough terrain as those with tracks or oversized tires, the fact that a hydraulic truck crane can be driven over the road makes them invaluable in the construction trades. For jobs that require heavy lifting on a jobsite, yet are not needed for an extended period of time -- only for the placement of pre-welded trusses, for example -- a hydraulic truck crane is unparalleled. 

While other cranes must be loaded on a lowboy, chained down and driven from jobsite to jobsite, moving a hydraulic truck crane is as simple as housing the outriggers and driving away. 

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