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Terex Quadstar 1100 Provides Versatile and Reliable Solution

Date: Wed, May 3, '17

Construction managers and firms are often searching for versatility and reliability when choosing lifting equipment. Among the Terex Rough Terrain cranes, the Quadstar 1100 offers numerous advantages for use in various job sites.

Terex Quadstar 1100 Highlights

Terex Quadstar 1100.pngTerex Rough Terrain cranes allow you to go off the road with confidence making it possible for work to be done on rough and unprepared terrain. Providing excellent ground clearance and three-mode steering, maneuvering these cranes in even the most rugged terrain is not a problem. With durable construction and low cost of ownership, the Quadstar 1100 is designed for high performance in applications ranging from refinery work and equipment handling to steel erection, bridge construction, and other general rental work.

Added to its flexibility, the Terex RT crane features a full-power, five section telescopic boom tower with two modes of operation. Large Rough Terrain cranes, like the Quadstar 1100, provide lifting versatility that allows for use in multiple types of jobs. It has a 110-ton maximum rated capacity at a 10 ft working radius and 115 ft boom length, while maintaining the capabilities of its smaller counterparts.

Some of the key features a customer looks for is the ease of operation and easy job site set-up. When cranes start getting to the 80 ton size, counterweights are necessary to transport it legally and often times another crane is needed to put it together. Since these RT cranes do not require the need for an additional crane to assemble them, they come into a job site on a truck, make quick lifts, and leave. Scott-Macon Equipment offers these cranes for sale and rent, so if your job site suddenly calls for a different type of crane, the Terex Quadstar 1100 can be brought in at any time.

Authorized Dealer of Terex Rough Terrain Cranes

Scott Macon Equipment is a leading provider of heavy equipment that has been serving the southern portion of the United States since 1973. As an authorized Terex dealer, Scott Macon Equipment is the go-to place to turn to when companies need to rent a rough terrain crane like the Terex RT Quadstar 1100. Our expansive selection and professional customer service ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. Contact us today to request a quote or to receive more information about our Terex rough terrain cranes for sale or rent.

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