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Terex Crane Parts - Why You Should Buy From an Authorized Dealer

Date: Mon, Aug 1, '16

Did you know that where you purchase your Terex crane parts is just as important as making sure you purchase or rent a crane from high-quality manufacturer in the first place? Parts_Crate.jpg

There is a reason why some companies, such as Scott-Macon Equipment, decide to become an authorized dealer for crane parts from the most reliable brands in the industry. This is so they can offer their customers all the advantages this entails. 

The Reliability of Genuine Terex Parts 

A primary reason why industrial and construction companies should purchase their equipment from an authorized dealer is the assurance that you are getting the reliability of brand name parts.

 Being able to count on the performance of a name you trust means a lot. And it's no secret that established products are more likely to be trusted by those who use them. 

Access to Manufacturer Support 

Being able to tap into the resources and support offered by the manufacturer of the construction and industrial equipment you purchase is very important. Without this ability, you could be left floundering to have simple questions answered. Not only could this slow down the progress of the project but it could also prove to be a safety risk to your workers as well. 

Comprehensive Inventory of Terex Parts

Chances are that at some point in time, some part or another is going to need to be replaced on the Terex crane that you are using. Whether this is due to routine maintenance or because a part wears out, you want to make sure that the replacement parts you use are as reliable as the original ones on the equipment. This is why you want to purchase your equipment from a company that is authorized to carry it.

When you order parts through Scott-Macon Equipment you know that you are getting only genuine Terex replacement parts. In addition, you'll have access to a large inventory of parts that allows you to receive the right one you need the first time and with a minimum of down time. 

Using an authorized Terex dealer like Scott Macon Equipment provides you with significant advantages that are simply not found otherwise. Contact us to learn  more or browse our current inventory online

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