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Broderson IC-100: Where comfort and compact meet a workhorse

Date: Fri, Jul 27, '18

The Broderson IC-100 is a self-propelled crane with a compact deck designed to be as reliable as an outdoor industrial crane but is compact for in-plant use. The compact design is only 7 feet 5 inches in height and 6 feet 6 inches in width to maneuver easily inside plants. With the boom extension, the sheave height is 49 feet 4 inches, and it enables a horizontal reach of an amazing 43 feet.

The Ultimate in Operator Comfort

The operator's control station on these industrial carry deck cranes is fully enclosed for comfort in hot or cold while using inside a plant. The operator compartment is tailored to operator's that are big and tall with an adjustable seat, a retracting seat belt, an on-board fire extinguisher and a bubble level. The IC-100 includes a powershift transmission that is operated by one lever and can be shifted at any speed you need it to.

Hefty Cargo DeckIC-100

The cargo deck is a full 53 square feet of deck area that can handle 14,000 pounds at full capacity when the load is centered over or between the axles. It includes a storage box in the front of the cargo deck and straps on the front two corners. There are also lifting rings at each corner of the deck to attach for use as a lifting crane.

Industrial Duty Transmission

The powershift transmission has 4 speeds in both forward and reverse, and it provides powershifts at any engine speed in every gear. The transmission includes an oil cooler and filter to operate efficiently in the hottest temperatures in a warehouse setting.

Innovative Electrical System

The instrument package includes a fuel gauge and hour meter to keep up with maintenance procedures. You also have warning lights for low oil and transmission pressures as well as turn signals, high beam headlights, parking brake, hydraulic temperature, battery, check engine, stop engine and coolant temperature lights.

The lighting package includes headlights with high and low beams, integral tail and brake lights, turn signals in front and rear, and emergency flashers all in the operator's compartment. A backup alarm sounds when the transmission is in reverse for safety measures, and it includes a two-tone alarm New Call-to-actionwhen the outrigger down controls are operated.

This model of Broderson industrial cranes has all fully hydraulic controls for precision in smooth operations and independent outrigger controls. The Broderson IC-100 is available in diesel or dual fuel models to suit your specific needs.

Broderson Crane Dealer

If you're in need of an industrial crane that can deliver, contact Scott-Macon Equipment. We're an authorized dealer of Broderson industrial cranes, and our selection of inventory will meet all your heavy lifting needs. 

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